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Build your own AR-15 Class (Keene NH)


with Jeff Woodward & Keith Hanson

Calendar Next available session starts Oct 22, 2022 at 9 am

** Your $100 registration payment will be fully applied to your all-inclusive package price which will range from $850 to $1,325, depending on the tier and build you select.  Please read all information carefully and contact us with any questions you may have.  You will have the opportunity to select your tier and build during the registration process. **

Under the guidance and supervision of certified instructor armorers, participants in this training program will build their own AR-15 pistol or AR-15 rifle from the parts provided based upon the "tier" that participant chooses and purchases.


(NOTE:  The registration payment of $100 will be applied to the package of the student's choice.  Participants will be able to select their preferred Tier and 'build kit' package upon checkout.)

This program will guide the participant through the complete assembly of the lower receiver, including:

  • Pistol grip
  • Trigger assembly (you will build your own trigger from the parts provided)
  • Selector switch
  • Buffer spring and buffer
  • Buffer tube
  • Butt stock
  • Magazine lock and release

This program also provides instruction and guidance on the assembly of the upper receiver and its components, including the bolt carrier group.

  • Front sight assembly
  • gas tube and gas block
  • Barrel assembly- castle nut assembly and hand guards
  • Bolt carrier group
  • Bolt
  • Extractor
  • Firing pin

This program includes detailed modules on performing several common function checks, as well as troubleshooting, proper cleaning, system maintenance, and long-term care, and culminates with live-fire drills on the range.

**NOTE: All AR-15 pistols and rifles will be constructed using legally transferred, serialized lowers. These are not "ghost" guns.

All lowers will be transferred to the purchaser/participant following the completion of a standard ATF Form 4473 and a successful background check from the state in which the class is being conducted, which will be conducted on the morning of the class by our partnering FFL (Federally-licensed firearms dealer.)

NOTE:  Under no circumstances will any participant or student have transferred into their legal possession any serialized lower receiver prior to all federal and state requirements having been met.

All applicable federal and state laws/requirements apply.


All package prices include all of the following:

  • All parts
  • Lower transfer costs
  • Instruction (classroom and range)
  • Use of assembly tools
  • Targets
  • Range fees

Tier 1 "Basic" Builds:
AR-15 Rifle:  $850
AR-15 Pistol:  $925

Tier 2 "Custom" Builds:
AR-15 Rifle:  $1,050
AR-15 Pistol:  $1,125

Tier 3 "Pro" Builds:
AR-15 Rifle:  $1,250
AR-15 Pistol:  $1,325



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